Monday, February 13, 2006

The Advocate

Under the sidebar heading of OTHER PROJECTS, I thought to point you in the direction of a short movie directed by my wife, Linda Sue.

Film 2880 is a 48 hour film festival (2880 minuts) affiliated with the Port Townsend Film Festival wherein each participating filmmaker is to make a movie 10 minutes (or less) in length within certain parameters. On Friday at 7PM, everyone is given a common theme, prop and line of dialogue. At 7PM on Sunday, they are to deliver their movie.

Linda Sue had me write it after she, Casey Stetler and I came up with the idea incorporating the theme, prop and line. They were:

Theme: False truths
Prop: a teabag
Line: "That's one hog too many."

Here is the link to the film: The Advocate.
It takes a long time to load so please stick with it.

Also, it requires Windows Media Player - if you need it, download it here.

Some terrific acting by Ron Owens, Ragna Sigrunardottir, Melkorka Licea, Susanna Burney, and Jerene and Dave LaRose. Director Jon Ward edited it under the gun. Music was provided by Chris Ballew.


Anonymous Rebecca Bateman said...

More! More! We fans need a Linda Sue blog!

March 08, 2006 10:37 PM  
Blogger Jonathan Foster said...

I agree completely. And believe me, it would be a good one.

Do you hear that Linda Sue? Your fans call.

Check back here for a link to a page with some of her paintings. I don't have it handy at the moment.

March 09, 2006 6:09 AM  

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