Saturday, January 21, 2006

Unfoil the Champagne, Let the Corks Fly

Welcome to the official unveiling of the Comment and Discussion area for The Autobiography of a Narcissist. This means that the book is now available online. For further information, click on its image in the right hand column under "Buy the Book."

The Hope For This Blog

The hope is to create an area where the book can be discussed. The hope is that other issues that are integral to the book can be explored here. The hope is that participation will be more interactive, more like a message board where there is somewhat of a level playing field with regards to the content. The hope is that the book will find its audience.

How This Hope Can Come True

1. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to post comments. It is intended as a "Comments and Discussion" section for the book, but that of course is contingent upon its being read. So feel free to comment on and discuss this blog itself, or autobiographies, or narcissism. If anyone veers too far astray from the subjects herein, I'll do my best to respond in a way that brings it back in line. That shouldn't be too difficult, considering that narcissism is a subject herein.

2. I invite you to email me if you have a comment that seems like more of a topic heading than a comment. Sometimes ideas are just too darn big. I respect that. Indeed, I applaud and invite that. I'll upload it and give you credit unless you would prefer anonymity.

3. If you post a comment that feels larger than a "comment", I might just email you for permission to upload it as a topic heading.

4. Feel free to ask questions, about everything from topics I know nothing about to your own personal issues, expressed beneath the veil of clever euphemism.

5. Read the book.

6. (Your comment here!)

Spread The Word

This is not only a virtual book club, this is also an experiment in a piece of writing finding its audience by alternative means - a tough undertaking even if you are published through a traditional, brick-and-mortar publisher. So I appreciate your telling others about this blog. And, naturally telling them about the book.


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